Friday, November 23, 2012

After Mass this morning I had the golden opportunity of flying (most Turkeys do not, at least on Thanksgiving). I flew in a Cessna single engine plane from Carlisle to Harford County airport in Maryland, near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay -- not far from Havre de Grace. That's a quick flight, only 30 minutes or so each way, but on such a clear day it was wonderful to look out and see the Chesa
peake Bay spreading out beautifully. When I called FAA Flight Services for a weather briefing prior to takeoff, the briefer said that the skies were "severe clear" and it would be a good day for flying. How right he was! It had been 6 weeks since I'd had the opportunity to fly, and I was reminded today how much I enjoy it. As I was preparing to take off from the airport in Maryland to return tio Carlisle, another Cessna ahead of me taxied for takeoff on a grass runway. "Sounds like fun," I thought, and I radioed, "Cessna 75621 is also taxiing for departure on runway 01" (the grass strip). I had not done a "soft-field takeoff," as it's called on an unpaved runway, for a few months (last one was at Piper Field in Lock Haven, PA, in late August), so taking off on a grass runway was challenging but fun. Although my landings have been a bit rough over the last few months, today's 3 landings were perfect -- if I must say so myself -- squeaking to a stop on the runway just as it should be.

So today I have much to give thanks for: the gift of faith, the Grace of God, a wonderful parish family, and the gift of flight to see the world as few do -- all of which open my eyes to the wonder of God in awesome ways.

November 22, 2012
Msgr. William J. King

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