Saturday, January 11, 2014

So, the jack-of-all-trades pastor thinks he's going to do something good today and save a little money. The lights in the garage door opener don't work and the problem is not with the bulbs but the opener itself. Sears says it's 30+ years old, no parts, etc. Okay, so the pastor says to himself, "Compared to all the problems in the world this is pretty minor, so don't worry about it." Today the pastor decides to replace the light switch in the garage with a motion-activated switch, so we can have lights come on when the garage door is opened. Sounds like a plan, right? Except for the fact that nothing is ever that simple. I was reminded of the truth that when this Rectory was built, it was built a little odd. Every time we do work in here we're reminded of that truth. I removed the old light switch, a 3-way, and took out the new motion sensor switch. The colors on the wires don't match. Okay, no problem, I've installed lots of light switches before: what can go wrong? I try my best to match colors but end up with one wire not attached to anything else. Let's just stick it in here: what can go wrong? Flip the power back on at the box. Nothing. No lights. Power off. Move the extra wire to the next screw. Power on: what can go wrong? Nothing. No lights. Power off again. Move the extra cable to the third screw: what can go wrong? You got it: nothing. No lights. Power off. Move the cable to the last screw. Gotta work; no options left, right? You got it: nothing. No lights. I guess I'll call an electrician on Monday, and hope I don't get an emergency call tonight, because the garage door opener is on the same circuit. I'd have to walk! Oh, by the way, I just discovered the power in my bedroom is on the same circuit too. Alarm clock? What alarm clock? God will have to get me up for morning Mass tomorrow. Anyone know a good electrician?
December 28, 2013
Msgr. William J. King

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