Sunday, January 22, 2012

The wars had raged and the battles had been won. Jerusalem was at peace, and was beginning its climb to some influence and prestige among capitol cities. David the King told the prophet Nathan with some pride that he was going to build a house for God. The next day, when the prophet had prayed about this, he came back to David to tell him that he got it wrong: his thinking was completely backwards. It was not David who would build a house for God, it was God who would build a house for David. [Side thought: isn’t it interesting that Mary married a carpenter? God was indeed building the house of David!]

Most of us are pretty good when it comes to meaning the words of the Lord’s Prayer, but sometimes, like David, we might get things a little backwards. Our Father, who art in Heaven – okay, we don’t argue about that. Hallowed be Thy name – got it. Thy Kingdom come – yes, we all want that. It’s what comes next that we often get backwards. Most of us say the words right, but inside we really mean, “MY will be done.” As David did, we announce to God what our plans are, and ask God only to put all the pieces in place so that our plans happen. Instead, we should have started out by asking God what He wants us to do, not telling God what we want.

Lord, today give me humility, and the Grace to step aside from my own plans and goals. Let me recognize that You, not I, are the center of the Universe. Open my eyes, open my soul, to the opportunities You place before me today to love and be loved. Never let me start my plans before asking You to show me Your loving will instead. Instead, Lord, use me today as an instrument of Your Grace and healing for others.

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