Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Found, of all places, in the NYT, is an insightful Op-Ed piece on the media's bias in reporting. Selective coverage is only one symptom: placement of stories and pieces, choice of persons to interview, and the language and terminology used, all reveal a newspaper's or blog's priorities. Bias determines coverage as much as anything else, and it is nearly impossible to find any old-style journalism (just the facts, no interpretation or twist). Reporters interviewing other reporters, as though they were the newsmakers or experts, does little more than add bias to bias, rather than the simple reportage of events. "We give you the news behind the news," one network boasts, but it is plain to see tthat what they all give us is merely what they want the news to be, not as it is. Never was the old saying more true: caveat emptor. When receiving the "news" today, let the buyer beware of blind spots and pet issues.
Half of the country wants to restrict or end abortion, but you wouldn’t know that from the coverage of the Planned Parenthood-Komen controversy.
Rev. Msgr. William J. King

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