Friday, March 2, 2012

Every commercial break on tv or radio brings us 5 or 6 things we can do, or items to purchase, in order to be more perfect. Hair coloring, shampoo, skin products, makeup, antiperspirants, painkillers, remedies for everything from dandruff to athlete's foot, hemmorhoids and erectile dysfunction! Today, however, as Christians we receive ashes, a mark of imperfection, on our foreheads and we silently announce to the world, "I am not perfect." Indeed, precisely because of my flaws and sins I need a savior. Precisely because of my flaws I have space for Jesus to enter my life. Precisely because of my sins I know that I need the Grace of God. So, today we are proudly counter-cultural and display for all the world to see, "I am imperfect and thankful for it!" Lord, help me to see my every flaw not as a reason for sorrow but for opportunity -- the opportunity for you to enter my life in new ways. Help me to see my weaknesses as reminders of my need for You.
Msgr. William J. King

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