Friday, March 2, 2012

Mark 2: 1-12 — 4 friends carry a paralytic man to the home where Jesus is preaching. The crowd prevents them from entering through the door, so they open the roof and lower the man on his mat. Let’s rewrite the narrative: 4 friends hear that the new rabbi is back in town, and – since there’s nothing good on television that evening – decide to go over and listen to him. On the way they pass by a paralyzed man lying on his mat and begging for alms. He asks where they are going, and says, “I sure wish I could get there, but I can’t.” The 4 friends reply, “Don’t worry, if it’s any good we’ll tell you what he says,” and they continue on their way. Returning, they see the man still on the side of the street. “How was it,” he asked the men. “Pretty good. He talked about loving God and loving your neighbor.” They added, “Too bad you couldn’t get there; you know, the church really should do something about providing transportation for the disabled.” They went home, happy that they had done something religious that day.
So, what Church program exists today to help people like this paralytic? YOU! YOU are God’s program to address poverty, justice, and care for those in need. YOU are God’s program for evangelization. YOU are God’s program for transforming society. Every day God places in front of you opportunities to love and be loved. Just open your eyes to the projects God places in your path today, and do them, because He doesn’t just give opportunities, He gives grace and strength to meet those opportunities.
Msgr. William J. King

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